Georgina Neville

Hi, I am Georgina Neville. My two children, Christopher and Gillian, have used Roger's House since it opened in May 2006. They go for respite care, transition-to-home, and occasional emergency respite. I was asked to join the FAC when it started in September 2007. I was honoured they asked me and jumped at the chance to give back to Roger's House. They have done so much for my family.

Christopher and Gillian love going to Roger's House! It is their form of summer camp. We make a big deal out of it, because it is. We are a military family and, therefore, we don't have any family here to help us. Without Roger's House I don't know what I would do. Roger's House has been there for us - especially in the summer of 2007, when I had my own health issues and was worried about who was going to take care of the children. They took care of them and me as well. Without Roger's House and the Roger's House team, we wouldn't have made it through such a time in our lives. For that I am forever grateful and this is my way to give back.

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